Pay Your Dues

Members of Local 249 are required to pay over-the-counter-member-dues each month to maintain their membership and remain in good standing.  Note: A member three (3) months in arrears loses all privileges, including the privilege of having their name on the out of work list and the right to go or remain at work.

N.B. Account balances should be verified prior to payment to ensure all outstanding balances are paid. 

Dues can be paid on a per month basis or in advance by one of the following three ways;

Pay Your Dues

481 Discovery Avenue, Kingston, ON.
Accepted methods of payment;  Debit, Cash, Cheques and Credit Cards

By Mail

Mail Cheques or money orders to Local 249 at 481 Discovery Avenue, Kingston, ON, K7K 7E8.  Please ensure name is printed clearly and Union ID is indicated. A receipt will be mailed to the address on file.  Do not send cash.


Log in to one of the banking institutions listed below.  Add “Carpenters’ Union-Local 249” as a payee and create a bill payment.  The ACCOUNT number must be your UBC member ID beginning with the letter U followed by 8 numbers.
Example:  U55555555
Please contact us should you require assistance.

Please only use online payments for over-the-counter dues